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Posted by Nazifa Mazni at Monday, June 21, 2010

Wah..cantik nyer hadiah. Very Teruja! Nak giveaways nih kne la baca syarat-syarat nyer dulu. Giveaways ini ditaja oleh penganjurnya iaitu Miss Azlina.

syarat-syarat nyer adalah:

  1. You must "FOLLOW" this blog / "BE A FOLLOWER" . If you are already a follower, then you can    straight away follow the next step below. ~done
  2. Leave a comment on this post. You  can write a comment or give suggestions regards to my card blog.
  3. PLEASE REMEMBER ----> Be sure to also write your name and your valid/active email     address at your comment. ~done
  4. YOU MUST WRITE about this blog giveaway at your own respective blog and include the photo you   see above in it as well. Don't just put the photo of the prize at your blog. You have to at least write  about what the photo is about.  Then, link your post to this blog giveaway.  PLEASE add the URL link of your blog post in your comment area as well so that I can easily go and visit and read your post at your respective blog.

Giveaways neh Miss Azlina prepared by herself  tau. Pandai betul..Belajar mn la. "Susah tak buat Miss Azlina?".  Kalau korang nak tau..masa Miss Azlina tgh buat card neh, jarinya terluka. Kesian Miss Azlina. Susah-susah jer buat. Card ini bertemakan "quilled flower". Cantik kan?

Bertuah lucky winner yang dapat. 6 person would be choose by lucky draw. 

Fan Fold Flower

Ini ape plak? Hehe..Ini adalah salah satu Fan Fold Flower yang dibuat oleh Miss Azlina. Tuan punya blog yang nak bagi giveaway tuh la. Siap ngan tutorial lagi dia kasi. Kalau korang nak try buat boleh la ke blog Miss Azlina.

Don't forget to sumbit your entry! CHOWWW.... 



mama zharfan on June 22, 2010 at 8:03 AM said...

me blogwalking here..good luck!

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