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Posted by Nazifa Mazni at Thursday, June 17, 2010
Emmm…why is that?

LE RÊVE Parfum offered by LE RÊVE Parfum! concentrate or ‘extrait’ is the world’s finest quality parfum creation consisting 30-35% fragrance essence@pati compare with other branded parfumes in market and the scents can stand for 12 hours. This parfum also is far superior to eau de toilettle or eau de parfum frangrances. Check your perfumes bottle NOW!...What’s written in you perfumes bottle?

It is Eau de Toilette (EDT) atau Eau de Parfum(EDP)? Parfum or Perfume? Confuse? Hehe…

Let me tell you some info about this confusing…

Fragrance goes by so many different terms---perfume, parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette---that it can be confusing to figure out which one to buy. The key to choosing the right scent for you is knowing that the different terms refer to different concentrations of fragrance oils in the mix.

See the image below to understand.

EDT consisting 5-15% fragrance essence and can stays on the skin for 2-4 hours.

EDT consisting 15-20% fragrance essence and can stays on the skin for 5-6 hours.

Maybe you are thinking why ayyak!parfumes is offering LE RÊVE parfumes at CHEAPER price than in market…mcm xlogik jerk !!

See the image below…
The parfum you buy at market, supermarket, the mall and bla bla is expensive because you also have to pay for
  1. packaging
  2. royalties for designer
  3. insurances import and shipping duties
  4. agent
  5. manufacturing
  6. advertising
High cost breakdown huh?

So...what are you waiting for? Decide NOW!

Choose one for your own now or for your LOVELY one!

LE RÊVE Parfum! offering you LE RÊVE



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