Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Posted by Nazifa Mazni at Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This picture was taken when we visit to Taman Tamadun Islam. It was great holiday at Terengganu! Hahaha...unfortunately saya memang org ganu pun. Do you want to see more photo? Wait for another entry. Soon, I will write my travel journey..So keep in touch with me, ok! 

Guys, Feel free to comment my bedah photo. I'm new beginner. Will come up soon with others bedah photo. Saya sangat suka membedah photo. Sekarang baru ada peluang nak belajar. Buku psp time sekolah dulu agaknya dah kena makan tikus gamaknyer. hahaha...

actually saya nak edit text my url tuh jadi kecik ke besar...tapi tak tau camna. try pun try. xjadi pun. Ade expert psp boleh teach me. I appreciate ur help. Thanks for reading.

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