Monday, June 28, 2010


Posted by Nazifa Mazni at Monday, June 28, 2010
I'm hungry... Is there anyone want to cook for or send me lunch meal?? Ngeeee.... I'm really really hungry.

hahaha...actually I want to tell you my avtivity for today. Ngeee.....Start from this early morning just after my husband went to work and until now I'm bz doing renovation for my template. Is it my template nice. Hehehe...Ngahhhh... Ready made template! Peshhhhh... I will make my own template. Custom template because I still trying to understand the html code. I'm undertstand some. Is there anyone want to teach more? I willing to learn. I really interest with IT field. But I don't have knowledge on it. If not my template is not going be like this and I also don't know how to put my advertisement there..hehehhe... Cograt to me...Ngeee...

I'm doing so much thing today...edit there edit here. looking for blogspot tutorial. Designing advertisement for acer aspire one contest held by denaihati and also advertisement for my shop as well. Do you want to buy perfume? The fragrance is so emmmmm nice... Ngeeee....Emmmmm..emmm..ehemm 

2 Acer Aspire One to be won!
Do you want?

This is the advertisement for this contest. Click to the image if you want to join. 

It is ok my advertisement. I'm using the photoshop. I'm beginner k! Don't comment to much..Ngeeee...I open for comment...

How about this?

It is nice? 

Simple rite?

keep it up

I'm still learning to be master in photoshop.

I'm willing to have Canon slr.

Is there anyone want to give me with FREE. Heeeee

I'm really tired and I feel like my buttock isn't with me now. hahahha... Do you feel like this before...? Arghhh....Cruppp....crupppp.... my stomach is singing.... Bye now....


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